In 2012, PS&C launched our in house program, UST-Comp.

With the onset of a "paperless" society, PS&C rose to meet the challenge by designing and completing our phase of electronic test results, invoicing, and problem reporting. Our in-house programming allows us to trend, develop and update any new or existing test documents that will keep you in compliance with both the federal and state regulators.

Many of our competitors do not offer the ability to access your results electronically through FTP, Web or portal access. PS&C gives you the customer this freedom!!

There are many competitors in this industry, however, there is no set industry program or computer system available that would enable companies in this industry to input data (results), create test reports that are required to by both state and federal mandated governments.

UST-Comp development brought Petroleum Service & Calibration, Inc. to become the third testing company in this market, to offer its client electronic test result and electronic invoicing for services performed. This offers our company a big advantage over other companies.

UST Annual Testing Schedule