Water Intrusion into your tanks has always been a problem, but with the introduction of ethanol into our gas products, phase separation occurs more and more each day.

Water intrusion and phase separation occurring in your tanks can become a costly matter.

Today, greater than 80% of all retail gas stations in the US blend gasoline with up to 10% ethanol (E10).

Prior to the use of ethanol, water entering the tank would drop through the fuel and find its way to the bottom of the tank were it could be detected and removed before it would be picked up by the pumping system and delivered into a vehicle.

Pure water is heavier, or denser, than gasoline-based fuels.

With your water inspection program we can document and find these problem areas for you.

PS&C water inspection program includes evaluation of:

- Water in Tanks
- Water in Transitional Sumps
- Water in STP Sumps
- Water in UDC(s)
- Phase Separation (Baling)

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