Stage One Vapor Recovery Equipment

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements to reduce air pollution from gasoline dispensing facilities (GDF) are found in the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart CCCCCC.

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Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

Are you required to test??

- Any facility which dispenses gasoline into the fuel tank or a motor vehicle.
- Gross dispensing facility monthly fuel sales of (see below)

NESHAP Requirements---Monthly Sales of:

- Over 100,000 gallons throughput
  Operate a VR System during tank fuel drops (loads)
    Vapor tight line from tanker to tank
    Reduction in tanker pressure (specified settings)
    Reduction in over tightened or loosed fittings and caps
    Vapors system meets static pressure test
    Testing every 3 years required
  Emission reduction of at least 90%

Services Include:

- Standard
- County Mandated
    Drain Valve Testing
    Pressure Vacuum Vent Cap Testing
- Overfill Verification
    Correction of bad overfill equipment
- Drop Tube Verification
    Correction of drop tube lengths not meeting federal standards

Reasons for Testing Include:

- Increase Profits
- Reduce Ozone Pollution
- Reduce Cancer Risk
- Saves Gasoline and Energy Resources
- Reduces Fire Hazards
- Reduces Gas Vapors

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