Are you using Statistical Inventory Reconciliation as your mean’s of monthly monitoring? Has your tank gauge stick been inspected for wear and tear?

Obtaining correct inventory measurements can mean the difference in you having to perform un-necessary testing. Accurate inventory information must be gathered and recorded daily.

Numbers rounded up

Could mean—tank gauge stick is bad.
Store personnel needs training on proper sticking methods.

SIR Investigation Image 1

Vacuum bleed off to obtain accurate measurements

Could mean the difference in measurements obtained during sticking.
Store personnel needs training on how to bleed off pressure.

SIR Investigation Image 2

PS&C technicians are trained to observe all aspects of your SIR monthly monitoring and foreshadow the areas, where discrepencies are occuring. This service saves you money in the long run, eliminating those monthly test request of tanks, lines and leak detectors to meet your monthly monitoring requirements.