PS&C can design an inspection package that meets all your needs, including completing your annual testing requirements while on site. This detailed design will offer you cost saving means while saving you on down time of single service requests.

“An overall site inspection is the best method of “Safe-Guard” you can allow yourself!”

Inspection areas include but are not limited to:

  • Dispenser Areas & Sumps
  • STP Areas & Sumps
  • Water Inspection (Tanks, Sumps, UDCs)
  • Problem/Comment Report (Detailed)
  • Status on Arrival of Parts (Hanging & Tank Field Area)
  • Tank Gauge Stick
  • Painting of Lids (Ensure proper drops of fuel into tanks)

Inspection can be paired with annual & tri-annual Testing Requirements of:

  • Line Testing
  • Leak Detector Testing
  • Sensor Testing
  • ATG Inspection
  • Overfill/Drop Tube Verification
  • Shear Valve Verification
  • Meter Calibration
Safe Guard Equipment

Safe Guard Brochure

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