“Prevention is the best policy!”

Tired of getting costly NOV(s) when the state inspector arrives to do your site inspection??

Our certified technicians will conduct a thorough pre-inspection of your site the day before your state inspection is due.

Our inspection program includes:

- Permit on Site
- Tank Gauge Stick in good condition (buttons)
- ATG Inspection
- Cathodic Protection System (Rectifier)
- Man Way Lids
- Spill Bucket Visual
- STP Sump Visual
- Poppet Valve
- Dispenser Sump Visual
- Booted Flex Connectors
- Drop Tubes

Combine your pre-inspection with our inspection program to ensure all needs at your site are addressed and met. Call today for more information.


Our technician returns to site to meet the state inspector. We ensure that problems & issues are documented or corrected while the inspection is in process.

This ensures you, the owner, are aware or all issues so problems can be taken care of without further delay.