Serving as your primary “backup” for an overfill situation, protecting and ensuring operability of your overfill equipment is crucial. The devices are built to stop or limit the flow of product into your tank, ensuring an “overfill” into your tank occurs.

You can have (3) types of overfill equipment at your site.

- Ball Float Valves
- Electronic Alarms
- Automatic Shut off Devices

There are problems that occur when you do can inspect your overfill equipment.

Automatic Shut off Devices

- Automatic shut off valves can break
- Does your device move freely and operate according to the manufacturer’s recommendations?
- Is the valve installed at the proper height?
- Disabled or bypassed devices (proper closure) avoiding slow drops?

Ball Float

- Ball floats removable and can be inspected?
- Cage intact and ball float in good condition and moves freely?
- Installed at proper height?

Testing annually is the best method. PS&C certified technicians can verify your overfill, as well as make corrections and repair the issues. Our onsite repair program gets you back in operation, helping you to avoid costly spills that could cost you lots and lots of money.