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Underground Storage Tank Compliance Management Program (UST-COMP)

Companies and their customers rely on accurate gasoline measurement for many reasons.

Perhaps the most important is fair and equitable payment for gas delivered. In addition to the financial consequences of measurement errors, there can be other adverse effects related to operational, safety, legal and environmental issues. Furthermore, once an error is discovered, the parties’ business relationship can be strained or there can be costly litigation.

Cost-effective means are available to reduce or eliminate most measurement errors. API, AGA, GPA and ISO standards provide guidance on the proper selection, installation, operation and maintenance of flow metering equipment to minimize errors.

Measurement errors can also be identified and eliminated through meter calibration.

Problems with gasoline meters are among the most common mechanical problems at fuel dispensing facilities. Many cases can be quoted on this type of problem. Principally these problems are dealt with by dispatching technicians to sites for a gasoline meter check and calibration if necessary.

One common misconception is that gas measurement errors are random and that precision errors will "average out" to zero over the long term. To the contrary, most measurement errors are bias or systematic errors. Bias errors are repeatable in both magnitude and direction. For example, a biased gas meter that under-registers today will under-register tomorrow and the days that follows.

A principal cause of gas pipeline system imbalance is meter bias. System imbalance is the difference between the quantity of gas metered into and out of a pipeline network. From an operational standpoint, companies need to know if system imbalances or unaccounted-for gas volumes result from metering errors or system leakage. Safety and environmental concerns dictate that these issues be dealt with separately.

A well-run gas transmission pipeline network will have an overall system imbalance of less than ±0.5%. Large pipeline operators potentially can save millions of dollars annually by reducing system imbalance by just one percentage point.

Gasoline Meter Calibration ensures accuracy at each and every dispenser unit. Feel safe knowing that each unit is precisely calibrated and inspected.

Meter Calibration Truck

Together we make a big difference, 5 gallons at a time!

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