“Prevention is the best policy!”

Unsure if tenant is meeting compliance rules??

As a tank owner you are ultimately responsible that your site is in compliance to meet all federal and state mandated regulations and rules. When your site is leased by a tenant sometime meeting these requirements is an area where the state inspector wins.

Our certified technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your site to ensure that site is compliant to meet your next state inspection.

Our inspection program includes:

- Permit on Site
- Tank Gauge Stick in good condition (buttons)
- ATG Inspection
- Cathodic Protection System (Rectifier)
- Man Way Lids
- Spill Bucket Visual
- STP Sump Visual
- Poppet Valve
- Dispenser Sump Visual
- Booted Flex Connectors
- Drop Tubes

Leased Quarterly Inspection Image 1 Leased Quarterly Inspection Image 2