A method of leak detection where the area between the inner and outer walls of a double wall tank or piping is checked for the presence of liquid or a vacuum to determine if there is a leak.

Interstitial testing is performed for any tank or piping not monitored continuously for releases using vacuum, pressure, or hydrostatic methods. This includes any existing UST system conducting interstitial monitoring of the space regardless of installation date prior to returning to service from temporary closure.

PS&C technicians test interstitial space of your tanks or lines in accordance with the manufacturers written recommendations and regulations and in accordance with the PEI/RP100.

Our technicians ensure that the interstitial space of your tank is tested using a 3rd party certified interstice tightness test capable of detecting a leak from the inner or outer wall of the interstice for the tank model that is installed.

Interstitial Piping Testing

- Monitoring ports properly identified.
- Monitoring equipment operational and no alarms.
- Inspected per manufacturer recommendations.
- Manual inspection if used for tank release detection.

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