Tired of giving away your revenue!!

Bi-Annual or Annual meter calibration of your high flow meters can be the solution.

The high flow volume of your dispensing product and the interaction of your equipment can cause a discrepancy in the accuracy of your meter calibration. It is this change that can alter the meter from accurately calculating (overage/shortage) and cause you to have error in revenue.

Not many companies offer the 100 gallon prover meter calibration program. As much as your high flow meters are being used, you could be giving away profit!!

PS&C offers you a program of high flow meter calibration that will:

- Save you money by not allowing overages/shortages during dispensing of fuel
- Calibration of meters to offset to a + 10 – 10 standard
- Check for leaks, weeps and seeps under dispensers
- Replace bad parts that keep your pump operational and customers returning; increasing your bottom line.

Our certified technicians calibrate each meter and repeat the process until meeting the standard of quality and regulation.

High Flow Trailer High Flow Image 1