Finding the leak in the smallest areas!! Our certified technicians can help you in this matter.

Our helium testers can speed up the process of your repairs by pinpointing the location of where you may have incurred a hole. This helps you in securing fast repairs and saves you down time and expense.

Location of a product line leak or tank top leak could allow water intrusion or product loss.

PS&C technicians can "pin-point" the problem saving you thousands of $$$ in excavation cost.

We utilize the Mark Model Helium tester allowing us to trace and find leaks in underground storage tanks and fuel lines.

The instrument operates by taking a sample of air and passing it through a separation column to separate the individual components. The separated components are then passed through the sensor block, which contains the sensing element. The instrument can detect the percentage of helium from .01 to 100 percent.

Helium Testing Image