Corrosion protection testing can be performed for underground storage tank systems (UST) to avoid corrosion of your tanks.

PS&C specializes in testing of either:

- Impressed Current Systems
- Galvanic (Sacrificial Anode) Systems

with our certified and knowledgeable technicians.
State & Federal regulations require both types of systems to be tested on a tri-annual basis. With our UST-Comp system; you will never have to worry about tracking that tri-annual date again. We will do this for you!!

Things to Know:

Qualified Tester: The system must be tested by a qualified Cathodic Protection tester within six months of installation and at least every three years thereafter.

Repair of System: Cathodic protection systems must be tested within six months of any repair to any cathodically protected UST system.

Results: Keep the results of the last two tests to prove that the Cathodic Protection is working.

Bi-Monthly Inspection: Inspect and Rectifier Documentation (impressed current system) must be performed every 60 days to verify that the system is operating.

Keep results of your last year’s 60 day inspections to prove that the impressed current system is on and operating properly.

Remember every state is different, so check your local state regulations for more details

Even a small corrosion hole can leak hundreds of gallons of petroleum into the surrounding environment over a year.
(Certified Corrosion Engineer is available if needed)

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