The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-58) and South Carolina Underground Storage Tank Control Regulations effective May 23, 2008 (R.61-92, Part 280.35) state that every UST facility is required to have a trained operator in each of 3 classes: A, B, and C. This regulation was put into effect in an attempt to prevent releases from underground storage tanks.

The Division of Underground Storage Tank Management has decided to combine training for Class A and Class B Operators. The Division will begin training August 8, 2009.

All facilities must have operators trained by August 11, 2011.

Allow PS&C to become a certified trained operator for your facilities. Quarterly, our certified technicians will visit your locations and complete a required Class AB Operator Inspection.

During our visits you will receive documentation of any employee(s) that are currently not certified or hold a certificate on file to meet the requirements of this state.

PS&C will complete an overall inspection of your site and submit to you the required Class AB Operator Log showing your quarterly inspection to be complete.

PS&C can also assist and develop a personalized Emergency Response Placard, which is a requirement to visually have available at each site.

Class AB Log Class A/B Operator Log