“Quality in a service isn’t what you put into it; it’s what the customer gets out of it!”

Encompassing this phrase is what sets PS&C standards of operations, above and beyond, those who offer the same types of services we do. Our objective is to serve you the customer with the same level of quality in service that we use to perform our own day to day tasks and duties.

PS&C in-field technicians and support staff use basic rules in our abilities to supply you with the standard of service that you have come to expect!!

- Active Listening
- Clear Communication
- Friendliness
- Quick Thinking
- Quick results/patience with problem solving

Take a moment to review our “testimonial” tab and you will see firsthand “quality” is a standard that sets PS&C apart.

Allow us to serve all your testing needs!! We are here to help, to guide and to supply you with the ability to grow your company, while meeting the federal and state standards for operation.

Visit our “Service Ticket” submittal tab or click here to submit your request for services. We look forward to working with you and will contact you quickly to get started.

Service Quality
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