Petroleum Service & Calibration, Inc. ensures that qualified, certified and trained technicians perform your service requests and needs. Our office and support staff are top notch and offer exceptional customer service, going above and beyond to ensure your experience and relationship with our company is top notch!!

PS&C's standard operating procedures mandates that all our technicians receive training, schooling and in house training to meet all federal, state and manufacturer's regulations in operation of their equipment following their recommended testing procedures.

Our meter calibration programs follow strict annual renewal of license within every state where the service is performed. This program adheres to our strict certification policy.

PS&C technicians are thoroughly trained to inspect, test, evaluate and problem solve each type of test we perform and each type of problems we encounter. We offer in house support to our technicians and off site technical support for your systems. Our technicians are certified and must meet the requirements/regulations and rules for each type of testing that they perform.

Training is one of many of our top priorities, with our technicians being continuously trained in all aspects of this industry.

Safety is Number One! All technicians receive weekly and annually certifications in all safety aspects of their jobs. This is includes site safety, protecting your staff and the public while on site.


Schools Attended


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