The PS&C Commitment

• Timeliness
* Expertise & skill to do the job you need.

• Flexibility
* The know how to work successfully in many situations.

• Tenacity
* Making every possible effort to do the job in the most cost effective way.

• Safety
* Taking every precaution to ensure that all testing is conducted safely.


Quality Assurance
Quality Control

QAQC Operational Manual availability proves quality assurance and quality control are company standards!

* Reference Manuals are available, only upon email request and appropriate reasoning for request—approval will be made by all owners of PS&C


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Competitive Pricing

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States Certified

Providing petroleum tank testing services to the following southeastern states (US):

States Certified

Below are links to the States Environment Protection Agencies:

Virginia Georgia
North Carolina South Carolina

Federal Regulations

Below are links for Federal Environment Protection Agencies:


  "In my line of work, doing the job right is of critical importance. I can rely on the highly trained staff and professional integrity of PS & C to get it done right.” - Kevin Henderson

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